you are on this page presumably because you would like to become a resident in the strange land of tilde town. cool.

interacting with requires use of a terminal and a program called ssh. if you are unfamiliar with these words that's ok. we'd still like to welcome you to our community if it interests you. we just ask that you open your mind a little bit to some new computery stuff. on the other side you might find some inspiring people and things. we believe in you and mean that in a sincere way.

to apply for a tilde town account, you'll need to first open a terminal. on Windows this means opening the start menu, typing powershell, and hitting enter. on MacOS this means pressing cmd+space, typing terminal, and hitting enter. on Android this means installing an app like JuiceSSH. on iOS this means installing a program like Blink Shell or Termius. on Linux...there are lots of kinds of linux so I can't help you here; but if you know the name of your Linux distribution you can search the internet for answers.

if you want to learn more about ssh there is a page about it here.

once you have a terminal open on your computing device, type:


and hit enter. the rest should become clear.