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How to use nano

Nano is a simple to use text editor.

Start it by typing nano on the command line, optionally followed by the name of a file to edit.

$ nano ~/public_html/index.html

Nano's editing commands are listed at the bottom of the screen. When you see a ^ character, it indicates the Ctrl key. So, for example, ^O Write Out means press Ctrl-O to save your work, and ^X Exit means press Ctrl-X to exit. Pretty straight forward!


$ cp /etc/nanorc ~/.config/nano/nanorc

That command will copy the sample configuration file in your home directory. Now you can edit ~/.config/nano/nanorc to customize nano.

$ nano ~/.config/nano/nanorc

Text wrapping

$ echo "set nowrap" >> ~/.config/nano/nanorc

This disables text-wrapping in nano.

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