_8 November xxx6  
might as well have something more to show for myself.

here are some of my compositions.

gameboy (all made using lsdj):

[>>] burutune.mp3 [1:41]
    one of the first compositions of mine i've still got a record of... erhu and
    shenmue inspired.
[>>] sentimentalbloop.mp3 [3:51]
    a bloopy version of duke ellington's `in a sentimental mood' 
[>>] constant headache.mp3 [3:08]
    a little cover of joyce manor's `constant headache'
[>>] computer love.mp3 [2:28]
    a little cover of zapp & roger's `computer love'

SHARP x680x0k:
[>>] toe121.mp3 [4:26]
    a little cover of japanese math rock band toe's `1/21.'
    this tune was coded by hand entirely in Music Macro Language.
    you can check out the source code here: [source]
    it's what the folks at sega and nintendo (among others) used to encode music
    on game consoles all through the late 80's and early 90's!
    it was basically contemporaneous with trackers in the west.

[>>] blooping.mp3 [1:04]
    here's a little draft of mine. it's in MML, too. with this one,
    i was trying to take advantage of MML's ability to render some pretty
    unusual irrational rhythms.

_9 july xxx6  

hello stranger.

there used to be text here, but I might have deleted it because it was embarassing.

don't even bother scrolling down, really.

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