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2018-04-15 at 02:51

atm I'm working on a turn-based tactics game with a fantasy theme, inspired by Advance Wars. you can follow the development here: https://icosahedron.website/@aeonofdiscord/99368898367693236

it's (currently) called Gloomwatch. it looks like this:

thinking of releasing it on https://itch.io when it's a little more complete; right now it only has a couple of campaign missions written, but there's a functioning skirmish mode and p2p multiplayer.

2018-01-03 at 18:10

it's 2018 and the web sucks

2017-12-04 at 14:33

it's 2017 and the web sucks

2017-11-21 at 22:46

I made a Mastodon bot that generates wizards: https://botsin.space/@wizardpedia

If you toot "make me a wizard" at it, it'll generate a wizard for you. If you ask it to "give me a familiar", it'll also generate you a familiar.

It seems to be popular! Everybody wants to be a wizard.

It uses halcy's Mastodon.py library: https://github.com/halcy/Mastodon.py

I'm concerned about the concentration of pyromancers in the Magnum Librarium of the mad arch-seer Izarius.

2017-11-19 at 19:51

hey tilde town. I released the 0.1.0th version of ferret yesterday: https://github.com/aeonofdiscord/ferret

ferret is a gopher client. I think gopher is underrated. plus firefox just removed support for the APIs that the Overbite plugin relies on, so it's a lot harder to view gopher sites now than it was a week ago.

I'm gonna keep working on it for a bit; right now search doesn't work, binary downloads don't work, it doesn't play well with screen readers, etc. It's based on libui, which has a nice API but is lacking a couple of useful features at the minute.