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"Living at the edge of the abyss, with no apparent virtues, where, like the tightrope walker you either advance or fall."


"Sometimes I wonder if someone has stopped to consider how long humanity has been talking about the soul (millennia) and still no one has managed to prove its existence. If that someone managed to get a way to "see" a soul, and write down a procedure to repeat the experience for anyone, we would all at least be relieved that we have not wasted those millennia immersed in considerations of all kinds about the nature of the soul, where it resides, where it comes from, and where it goes. It can be classified as matter, or, in accordance with all that has been said for centuries, it is part of a metaphysical something, which remains in the realm of the immaterial, but which we can now "see" through a procedure."

I have several notebooks of notes like this. From time to time I'm going to dump them here, for the first time in history.