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Gen Z Linux enthusiast. I spend a lot of time thinking about privacy, the future and our society.

Normie interests

Nerd stuff

I built a server which runs unRAID. Hosts a Nextcloud, PrivateBin, Searx-Instance and a PiHole
Bought a Prusa i3 MK3S kit which I am currently assembling. Takes longer than I thought, mostly because I have two left hands.
Robomaster S1
A cool little RC-tank. Was pretty expensive though, but I enjoy just racing through my apartment with it :)
Trying to use a linux phone as a daily driver, not quite there at the moment...
FairPhone 3
My daily driver phone, runs LineageOS without any google services. I try to use as many FOSS-Apps as I can.

#RethinkCapitalism #Pacifism #RightsForAll #FuckFAANG