apogee :

the point in outer space where an object traveling around the Earth is farthest away from the Earth

no scripts. no social network plugins. text only. final destination.

11/13/14 i missed the 100 user party. sad day

11/3/14 here's a thing i found

Erika.net is a pretty cool stream.

11/3/14 several disjointed thoughts

tilde.town is a niche of a niche. i like what i have seen so far.

i think that a thing you're supposed to do on these networks is make friends and link to their pages from your page. i got this impression from various tilde.club pages. i wasn't actually around when people had ~ pages, or at least, i wasn't participating, so maybe this friend concept is a bit misguided. either way, it would be cool if someone invited me to their webring or send me some mail.

it's hard to write html in nano. i keep trying to click to move my cursor. life was hard before gui's. i think this could be called blogging "the hard way" but on the other hand, it's cool how much formatting i have going on with two lines of css. turns out reset.css isn't needed after all

11/3/14 spruced up the page a little bit

~responsive design~ achieved. look mom, no media queries!

11/2/14 trying to figure out this terminal stuff

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