until the full light of day.


And welcome. I'm aaron.

In the tildeverse, and other places, I go by artyr3.

It's kind of like when Prince changed his name to an unpronouncable symbol in the '90's, except that it's different, and I dont really have all that much in common with Prince, so I guess if for some reason you needed to pronounce it, you could say "artery", altough I'm not sure why you would.

I'm into creative, sustainable, independent living. Sustainable offgrid technologies and simple ways of living are right up my alley. Or at least they wold be if I had an alley. I sometimes make batteries, charging systems, and crazy offgrid contraptions like a portable hot water system mounted to a hand truck. I also like to make things out of wood using Japanese hand tools.

Im into technology that fosters liberty, and empowers the people using it. I love Linux, and more recently, OpenBSD.

I love making music, digital art, funny little shell scripts, and working with 35mm black and white film.

Im into Jesus' idea of "Kingdom" which is a collective community that exists next the world systems, but operates by much different principles.

Over time, I will post about things Im working on. I hope you find at least a few of the things helpful, thought provoking, or even inspiring.

Thank you for coming, and please enjoy.


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