> A simple yet powerful TUI framework for your Python (3.9+) applications

PTG is a Pythonic, easy to understand and infinitely powerful module forcreating beautiful Terminal User Interfaces.

Some highlighted features:

  • A cross-platform and threadable getch function
  • An interface for most ANSI-sequence based terminal functionality
  • A custom markup language inspired by Rich
  • A robust base Widget class, and a set of basic building-blocks to create your interfaces with
  • Some useful CLI tools, like markup-parsing, getch and universal object inspection (see `ptg --help`)
  • Example files, docstrings & exceptional code quality


> Generate beautiful MaterialUI-based websites from Python

This project came from a website-request I had. I realized that most of the process could be automated, and done in a way that allowed rapidly making changes across any amount of files.

The websites generated are based on MaterialUI, and all use custom templated css files. They support both desktop & mobile views, as well as dark-mode.

As an example, this page is powered by the module.