Blackle's codec spell circles!

Hoi! I'm working on a new kind of spell circle that's based on Turing machines! I'm calling these circles "codec spell circles." Each machine below has a link to it's program description that you can put into this emulator to see what it does. All machines take hex digits as inputs unless otherwise specified.

Each circle describes a turing machine. The outer ring is the tape initialization; the constant 07E019182904490251029231A441A481A481A90189014A0A4A122A041A1807E0 is used for all of them and is a bitstring I came up with to specify "me", so if you want to use these circles you have to change that part. The inner ring is the tape alphabet. The graph is the transition diagram. The text in the very middle is the state transition rules.

Currently I only have PDF files but eventually I intend to make TeX files that render the circles so ppl can change the initialization constant.

Protection circle

circle PDF

turing machine program