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my tilde experience: day 0 arrays start at 0


as soon as I received my welcome email, I knew I had to login. the ssh login actually felt like a distant home, primarily because of minor network latency, but who cares?

after making sure everything was set up (including my ~/.nanorc), it was time to connect to chat. EVERYONE was nice, no one was causing trouble, or so I thought. it was a good idea not to touch #dumpsterfire.

when I found out my friend ~devoverr also joined tilde.town, I asked him if he actually used a valid public key. he did, but he lost his private key. he'll send an email with his new public key in a few days.

UPDATE: ~funey didn't save his private key. sad.

I <3 ~

my tilde experience: day 1


more friends are following me to this nice place. their inability to save their PRIVATE KEY is slightly concerning.


You can feel the seedling looking back at you.

It could be a(n) lithops, venus flytrap, or daffodil.