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The Bloggy Part

I guess this is where I'll just put up my baby blogs.


Went running this morning with ~pizzaops and Kait and it was pretty good in that I'm not injured and I don't feel terrible and I think I might even have a productive day at this point, which might have seemed unlikely based on what I got up to last night (a lot of very nice fish and cocktails, plus a movie on the couch starting at like 1:30am) but here we are. I think maybe I'll try to meditate and actually do my 750words and continue killing this saturday.


I really hate this time of year. It's not just the SADs which I maybe get hit by pretty badly. It's ... I feel out of control, because so many decisions are already made for me. That and it's far too easy to get lost in parties.

Another thing that I find stressful, although thankfully it's not a yearly occurrence, is that my dad was hurt at work a few days ago. He's more or less ok now, but a piece of a fume hood fell on him and scared the crap out of the rest of us. He's resting and taking painkillers and maybe I'll give him his car back in a few days.


I got surgery yesterday. It was actually a really great experience, the worst part was when they put the IV in. Once it came time for the actual surgery, they doped me up, I went under, and I don't remember anything until I woke up pretty much 100% in possession of my faculties. The pain was mild, annoying at worst. I thought I was going to need to stay with my parents for like a few days but I ended up heading home before dinner!

Now I just need to sit still for like a week and take the painkillers they gave me (protip: when you're in actual pain, painkillers don't really have much in the way of entertainment value)