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Blacksmithing Class

2 semesters back, I took a blacksmithing class. Whole lotta fun. Led to a few late nights trying to get a few projects finished out before the deadline, but a whole lotta fun.
Unlit eyeball lamp My final project was this lamp with some sort of eyeball creature floating through a portal being dragged back in by a bunch of tentacles. Dropped by Goodwill, found the diffusing glass orb part of a light fixture, and it fit perfectly.
And that's how it stayed for like a year.

Finally finished

I had planned to grab a few 3W RGB LEDs, set up an arduino and some drivers to control it, there we go, right? Well that never happened. Multiple attempts were made but it turns out electronics are kinda difficult.
Few weeks ago I grabbed an RGB "smart" light bulb on clearance. Used it in my room for a few weeks til it hit me that I could use it to complete the lamp. Grabbed a lamp cord, lamp socket, and I finally had my lamp. Unlit eyeball lamp Unlit eyeball lamp