My personal, academic and activist page


This is my web page. Here I will post blogs, tutorials, cheat sheets, documents and tons of things that I think is important. It is a slow start and I will post things on demand, but they will all be linked in this page.

About me

I am Eduardo Freitas, a 21 years old master degrees student in Computer Networks, and a Free Software activist. I like to study talk about privacy, GNU/Linux, freedom, networking, music, (some)sports and a lot more. You can contact me at my e-mail address, which is my name all together at Also checkout my git repo where I keep, among other things, this whole website. I will post latter how I write these pages, but you can already check there.

Blog Posts

Note: This website is available in a sweet Dark mode! And if you are in a page, notice that the name is weather light.html or dark.html, so it's very easy to switch between them :)