join the updated ~ring!

This is an updated version of ~um's original ~ring, created by ~eeeeeta and ~login (JS modifications), which incorporates ~eeeeeta's updated users.json code.

We didn't write the ~ring initially; we're just helping maintain it.

This page is town-editable! Edit it at /home/eeeeeta/public_html/ring/join.html – please don't vandalise it, and don't remove this notice either.

Browse a list of all the ~ring members (tidier version). ~users can join by pasting this html code in their index.html:

<div id="tilde_ring" style="background-color:white; text-align:center; border-radius:10px;"> <p><em>a member of the updated ~ring</em></p> <p> <a id="tilde_town_ring" class="tilde_ring_link" href="">random ~user</a> | <a id="random_tildebox" class="tilde_ring_link" href="">random ~box</a> | <a id="tilde_town_ring_next" class="tilde_ring_link" href="">next ~user</a> </p> <p><a href="">join</a></p> <script type="text/javascript"> var ringjs = document.createElement('script'); ringjs.src = document.location.protocol + '//'; document.getElementById('tilde_ring').appendChild(ringjs); </script> </div>

You can alter or edit the html without breaking anything, except:

For an example of the flexibility of the ~ring parts, find ~selfsame's implementation.

Yell at ~eeeeeta with complaints, questions, and problems.

example of the ~ring html, in its default state:

a member of the updated ~ring

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