Ellies' Page

About us

Hi there!

We are Ellie.
We study physics, build and take apart electronics, and program in Rust. Sometimes we also play the piano, write tunes, or play video games.
We are a system of trans girls from the Chicago area. We like computers and machines of all kinds, and particularly enjoy working on their internals with our hands. We spent most of our physics undergrad studying electronics, and built a few different devices for experimental physics and other things. Since most physicists don't do much electronics or programming outside of a few specific languages, we are often known by our university's students and faculty as a "hacker". We like this label reasonably well, but much prefer "witch".
We use free Unix-like operating systems full-time. For the moment, that's just Debian Linux, but we do like to experiment from time to time with other distributions and operating system types. We have a lot of old computers that we use to experiment, and so we often find ourselves installing new OSes just to try them out and learn new things about them.

What we're working on

Teamech SCADA system

In spite of the horrors that have come out of it in the "internet of things", we like the concept of networked home appliances. We are attempting to design a simple control system for a household appliance-control network, which attempts to be secure and easy to administer. This is Teamech, a bare-bones UDP-based SCADA system.
The current source code for which can be found here.
Teamech is a work in progress, licensed under the AGPL. Lots of additional work is planned on it before we use it for anything. In addition to a study in network programming and system architecture, this is also a second-wave shakedown cruise in Rust for us, so while we are by no means well versed in best practices, we do try to do things as carefully as we can and revise our designs often.

Where to find us


We use the following Fediverse (Mastodon) accounts, in approximate order of post frequency:


We run an XMPP server at ellied.net; you can contact us at diodelass@ellied.net. We've ironed out many of the issues in the system now, so it's working fairly well, and uptime isn't too bad. If you message us and we don't respond, though, it's possible that we're having trouble with it, so don't assume that we're ignoring you if we don't get your messages. If ellied.net's XMPP service is down, or if you simply prefer, you can also send us an XMPP message at elliediode@riseup.net, which we also check regularly.
Note that since Riseup does not support message carbons or message archive management, we will only get messages sent there on one of our many devices, and may not see it as quickly as we will if you message us at ellied.net instead.


We are sporadically on several IRC networks, including EsperNet, Freenode, and SynIRC. We can be found most reliably on the latter, where we hang out with the SCP Wiki people. Our nickname in most places is Ellied. We are happy to talk with you in PMs there if you need us for anything, but note that we might not respond immediately because we leave our client open in tmux on our server for long periods without checking it. XMPP is a surer way to get ahold of us quickly.


Due to being hosted on a residential connection, ellied.net does not run an email server. However, you can email us at elliediode@riseup.net if you prefer email correspondence over IM or the Fediverse.