Hello you. Thanks for looking. This is a simple blog thingy. Y'know, the way blogs were intended to be before they became all adsense-y and click-baited. Just a collection of diary entries really.

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5th March 2016: Waaa??

How did it get to nearly 6 months after my last post?

Christmas came and went without much to comment on. Wife's 30th birthday followed, which was expensive and stressful, but ultimately the party went well and my gifts pleased. I hope.

Spring is springing and plans are afoot. Got some home maintenance plans for easter which involve pressure washers. The emphasis for this year is on the outside of the house; clean/replace guttering, paint the outside rendering, tarting up the UPVc, dig up our small front lawn and replace with gravel (so I don't have to keep mowing it).

I've been concentrating on getting to grips with Magento over the winter and can say I'm quite comfortable with it now. I'm building up to doing the Magento Developer certification exam but not sure when that will be.

14th October: Storm is brewing

Not much to report. Things are going as good as expected. Started reading more recently. Managed to find an hour or so in the evenings when Mrs Euperia has gone to bed and the house is quiet enough. Started reading The Martian and I'm really enjoying it. Will probably check the movie out after I've finished the book.

Christmas fast approaches and I've alrealy sorted the main presents out (go me!). Can't wait for it to come and go. I hate that time of year.

24th August: The calm before the storm

Four months since my last entry. Some of that has been because I've separated (as much as I can) my work computer and my personal one and my private SSH key is no longer on my work machine and so I can't login to my tilde account on it.

So what's happened? Nothing much. Couple of family holidays which have been really good. Bit of house maintenance, garden etc, just making use of the warmer and drier weather over the summer.

Jumped into Magento more. Going over the docs at are giving me an insight into how Magento works under the hood and building my own modules etc are helping. Hopefully I can start taking on more Magento projects at work now that there are less bespoke things that need attention.

I've also been getting to grips with Laravel 5.1. I need a simple framework that I can use to quickly flesh out ideas and see if they work and Laravel seems to tick all the boxes. I'm writing an application to manage my vinyl collection using Laravel and its going OK so far. Will be pushing it up to Github once I have the core elements of it working as I'd like (and thought of a catchy name for it).

I'm currently in the middle of a two week holiday as school has taken a 7 week break this summer and I'm looking after my Son for a while. Done loads of father & son stuff which has been good for the soul.

Coming up I have a birthday and then the mad few months for the Christmas period. Many birthdays and events scheduled. I like June,July and August as they're quiet (for me) and then lead into a busy time.

22nd April: tick tock tick tock

A whole month gone by! What have I been up to?

Bought some Ikea Kallax/Expedit shelving for my home office - had to move everything out of the room first in order to get them fitted. De-clutered a load of stuff and got them all in now. Looking quite good.

My talk on 'An introduction to Browser-Sync' at StaffsWebMeetup went OK. Some good feedback.

Not done anything on my project recently. Spring has arrived and there are other things to be done.

That's pretty much it really. F1 has started, Hamilton looks like he's going to run away with it again although Ferrari are closer this year. BTCC is up to the usual high standard of action.

13th March 2015 - What the Fuck is Going On?

I came into the office this morning to find a record shaped package on my desk. I'd not ordered anything so was intrigued to find out what it was. Slipping the knife gently down the sides of the package revealed it to be an ORIGINAL copy of The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu's '1987' LP - my holy grail. Inside was a CD and a note which read:

"I haven't listened to this in Over 20 years. I kept meaning to sell it but that seems like a dull thing to do. I hope this brings you some pleasure, Richard"

Now, there is some history to this LP - it was released in 1987 and promptly withdrawn from sale and all copies ordered destroyed. I had been a huge KLF/JAMMS fan since hearing 'What Time is love (Pure Trance 1) ' and always wanted to own a copy of this album. At one point the KLF claimed there were only 5 copies left and they were being sold for around £ 1000 each.

I did own a CD copy of the bootleg once but sold that. I could have bought the LP earlier from Discogs or ebay, but that isn't in my 'rules' about record hunting. To me, a true find should be when trawling through a record shop or stumbling upon a copy at a car boot sale. Somehow searching and buying online takes the fun out of it.

But now the mystery - who has sent it to me? The only person I could think of was an ex-work colleague but he denies it when I tweeted him.

1987 What the fuck is going on

Whoever it was, I thank you. Over and out.

10th March 2015

Upgrading 100+ servers this last week. Fun, in an odd and satisfying way.

4th March 2015

I've agreed to do a talk at Staffs Web Meetup this month. It will be my first time doing a public talk about something techy.

The subject is 'Rapid Cross-device Development' and will go over tools and practices used to get a faster feedback when developing for the web.

27th Feb 2015

Progress made with side project. Finally getting past the boring bits and working on the actual implementation.

Work: Continues.

IRC on is fun!

5th Feb 2015

So far so good. Increase in post count on the blog, adsense earnings show that January was the best month so far.

Reading: O'Reilly's 'Full stack development with Backbone.js'; good introduction to the subject.

Work: Usual mix of bespoke projects. Magento doesn't seem to be happening.

Home: Picked up working on side project again. Slow progress. Seem to be constantly changing the back-end / API and ignoring the front-end. I've set myself a checklist to complete before getting back to the front-end.

15 Jan 2015 22:52

Just joined Tilde town. Know only one neighbour so feel free to say hi fellow townies!