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How small can you go?

Apparently you can go...
...really small!

This is a test.

This is another test.

So apparently <br> has been replaced with another tag? The <hr> tag? Though I don't know if they do the same thing or not.

NOPE <hr> makes a horizontal line - pretty cool.

So apparently there's a new html thing (new since I messed around with it in junior high) that lets you use the line breaks & stuff...

	This is a test
	of the <pre> tag
	Does it work?
	It does work!
	Although the text is smaller
	than usual
	for some reason?

Thing I want to know: what's the difference between strong and bold? arrow

I'm running out of random things to type:

Once upon a time there was someone who thought messing around with HTML was interesting. Also, I don't understand what the cite attribute does; no tooltip popped up when I moved my mouse over the quote? JFC? So now I know how the STEP forums put tooltips over abbreviations. whoa this is trippy
Things I Often Do In Other People's Dorm Rooms: arrow
  1. watch people play Melee
  2. sometimes play Marth badly
  3. shiver
  4. play Trivial Pursuit
  5. stay up really, really late
Things I Don't Do In Other People's Dorm Rooms:
  1. play Melee
  2. comment on jokes
  3. enjoy the cold air
  4. complain about playing hard things
random skyrim screenshot
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