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some things about myself as hardcore
[ I am from Lithuania]
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As the worlds turn around, everyday try to do some good things to myself and others. Glad that i have found the tilde.town crew. I am that kind a person who whants to help people and do more good things to myself and to this World.
My true name is Victor, i live in city Klaipeda, Lithuania. Here we have a fantastic town, with lots of funs to do. I ride bybycle on the sunny days, go to gym, read lots of interesting books, by my proffession i'am a massagist, and second diploma is an international bussness manager. Lots of years i do yoga. Its the thing that i like the most. Its my lyfe style and my hobby. Well and i am 34 years of yound male. You can reache me, by this email: elf@elf.lt

I use tilde.town to connect to Aitvaras IRC network. There i am hardcore, in the channel #filosofija.

Take care. Greetings from Amber tribes.