My name is Hristijan. My nick is Eych, but I use both my name and nickname. Anyway.

I am 19-year-old student from Macedonia, Skopje (Southeastern Europe), currently in my first year of studies towards a degree in CSE. I still have some doubts if it would have been better for me to pursue a degree in history or philosophy. Probably not. I am interested in computers and the Internet.

History, privacy and astronomy on the other side. And StarCraft II! (although I am not really good at it, but it keeps me entertained). I also like to build stuff using computer programming languages. From music genres, I like shoegazing, new wave and punk-rock. But I have no problem listening to other genres as well. Depends on my mood really.

I like rainy days and staying up late night since no one is bothering or expects something from me. Not sure if I am an introvert or an extrovert. I think I am both. I don't like cancerous social networks and smartphones. I'm using a dumbphone so I can communicate with people through a mobile network.

I started with ElementaryOS around five or six years ago. I liked how it looked. Curiosity made me distro hop for a while until I came around a Linux distro who's name I wont say because nowadays it's the same thing as saying that you are a vegan (no offense, vegans). Alongside a window manager. But I'm thinking of switching to OpenBSD.

I am currently working on my personal website and server. In mean time, one can find me through email.

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