~insom - now


I spent a little bit of the evening (and some of the work
day) getting set up with a new terminal emulator. I've
switched from GNOME Terminal on Linux and iTerm 2 on OSX to
using Kitty.

I initially was drawn to Kitty because it lets you output
PNGs right to your terminal and view them in the text -- so
you can do something like `cat foo.png | icat`. I will
probably never seriously use this feature, or even remember
it exists when it would be useful.

But, what is good: it's very fast, it uses OpenGL, and it
has great (and flexible) font rendering. Also also, it's
native to Wayland and also to macOS.

I am hoping that my having a consistent terminal, alongside
my consistent vim and tmux, that I'll struggle less when
switching between computers any my muscle memory for things
(like switching tabs) is wrong.

I guess we'll see.