2016 Retrospective
😃 😐 😞
Comfortable in my Career and Finances
Felt Unwanted in My Own Country
Decided to Say "Yes" to Things
Started Two-year "Backup" Plan to Move to Canada
Got BMO Tattoo
Ramped up OSS Contributions
Problems at Home
Second Interview
Got to go 5000km away …
… by plane
Ottawa in April
Receiving Job Offer
Backup Plan Officially Out of Play
Telling iWeb
Accepting Job Offer
Applying for a Visa
Angst × 10
Selling Our Things
Probably Too Many Things
Leaving Do #1
3 Months is So Long
Leaving Do #2
Basically Giving Things Away
Sad Last Days at Work
Nice Words from My Colleagues
Emptying the House
Warner Brother Studios
Carrying All Our Posessions around London
(… and thousands of dollars of cash)
Saying Goodbye to Rob & Nik
8 Hours by Plane
3 Hours at Immigration
Comfort Inn Toronto
Toronto in August
"Holiday" in Ottawa
Saying Goodbye to Jack
Our New House
Mattresses on Floors
Patio Furniture Inside
Making New Friends
Being Far from Old Ones
The First Day of School
The First Week of Work
Visit from Daz
Changes at School
Visit from Jack
Container Arriving
Being On Call