MIRANDA: I understand, Mister Spock. The glory of creation is in its infinite diversity.

SPOCK: And the ways our differences combine to create meaning and beauty.

Welcome to my ~ town page

Why did I name myself isthereintruthnobeauty on the tilde town server I hear you ask?
I like the 1968 Star Trek episode by that name and it's also just a great example of how Star Trek TOS had banger episode titles when it felt like it.

I don't yet know what I'll do with this page. Thank's for coming.

The Star Trek episode was named after this poem btw:

WHo sayes that fictions onely and false hair
Become a verse? Is there in truth no beauty?
Is all good structure in a winding stair?
May no lines passe, except they do their dutie
	Not to a true, but painted chair?

Is it no verse, except enchanted groves
And sudden arbours shadow course-spunne lines?
Must purling streams refresh a lovers loves?
Must all be vail’d, while he that reades, divines,
	Catching the sense at two removes?

Shepherds are honest people; let them sing:
Riddle who list, for me, and pull for Prime:1
I envie no mans nightingale or spring;
Nor let them punish me with losse of rime,
	Who plainly say, My God, My King.