28 march 2018

Mood: Happy

Well I think i'm for sure going to be on tilde.town. All my issues I had in the back of my head are pretty much gone. I can use FileZilla to upload the site i'm making in FrontPage 2003 to upload to my site. I can also just link to my blog since I have the "feels" command.

The people here are very nice, though i'm still trying to be active on Neocities. In the end I might only be here. I'm listening to "The Hustle" in a midi on loop. I've been enjoying it. lol

I just realized I forgot to put my mood, done. Welp i'm gonna work on my site, cya! :D

23 march 2018

Mood: Happy

I forgot about tilde.town, but when I checked my email and saw the email I remembered it. It took me a while to try to get it working but I managed to do so, it's really cool!

There's a web host called Neocities but I also love that, so it's a constant battle of Neocities or tilde.town you know?

Anyways school was today, and for a few days our internet wasn't working but now it is, which is good... I'm watching Game Grumps while I do other stuff...

Welp i'm gonna go, cya later!