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let's not be indexed

Note: Image posts made accessible using the W3C’s CSS anchor text recommendation. Let’s not be indexed. Become more comfortabel with our typos, withdraw from OCR, decline on being indexed by Google. Consider being unscrutable, with page descriptions considered nightmarish by current SEO standards. Let’s avoid having our speech patterns learned by our keyboard apps so that we do not get lazy, allowing new possibilities to fade from our lips because of our reliance on the convenience of our keyboards’ predictions and suggestions. Let’s not be censored by autocorrect features that transform our rage and passion from bitch to birch. Let’s not have to shrink and question our worth in the feast and famine of social media likes, followers, favs, and emoji. There are so many special freedoms in these new mediums, however we will always find new ways to systematically bind ourselves. We need to recognize these bindings when we see them, take steps to flow around them, and refactor them away. "Let's not be indexed" typewritten on paper