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late night snacks

It was late at night, and I was trying to buy some chips at a nearby grocery store. It was late enough that there was only one employee working at the register. He rang me out, and I swiped my card. The side selection button was broken, pressing it repeatedly and with varying levels of force did nothing. He spun the device toward himself and tried it out to no avail.

“Sorry, this is the only till open. Unless you have cash, looks like you won’t be able to get these,” he gestured at the bag. I was sad, thinking about all the spicy tapatio dorito powder I’d be missing out on.

“Wait, I’ve got an idea.” I poked around on the screen, going through all the on-screen selection options until I found a workaround to the broken hardware button.

“Look, here’s how you can get around the button. Just in case someone else wants to use their card tonight,” I showed him.

He grinned and tore off my receipt. “Whoooaaa lady, you’re a pioneer!”

“Nah, I just really want chips.”