grassroots burning

sep 12, 2016

The fire began in our hearts really. Not literally, or collectively for that matter. But it was there, from the moment we took our first breath in this world. But we always figured that we were the only ones. That we were the only one who really thought about these things, because how could we know the thoughts of another. While we could hear their words, or read their writings, it was always a second hand report. We couldn’t access the source. After all, wasn’t it possible to express something you didn’t believe to be true just as easily as one of your core beliefs?

This all before the event, before we could things changed. Now, thoughts have no place to hide. Distributed by an unknown group, a rogue virus wirelessly spread throughout all CBIs (computer - brain interface) of the human race within 30 minutes, linking all of our mental sources to a central server, rumored to be somewhere underwater in the Atlantic. Anyway, it originated in downtown London, where it spread rapidly, transported wirelessly across the country, and eventually the whole world. Now our brains can collectively think as one, but still people retain their lives, for the most part.

Not all the time are they collectively together however. It is more of a public access policy, where you are simultaneously aware of thing happening in others minds. You can also communicate directly with another person, but remember there is no privacy, so be careful what you say because people are free to watch. The flip side of this is that at least you know if you are being watch, because you can in turn them watch their thoughts as they monitor you. The whole thing can be pretty tricky, and there are times I think that no one knows the whole truth of the situation.

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