a sunny day

jul 24, 2017

a sunny bay

wake up but not really shower with cold water mindlessly eat grapes friend lives in living room facetimeing korean girlfriend cars honking while i bike my latte has too much foam i scoop it out with tin from a delicious egg tart, yum. i learn that this bart station doesn't have a bathroom due to heightened security a tightly locked door claims guarding toilet from human standing room only in this car a man bellows out to the train hello my name is since forgotten my son is stranded in sfo and his bag is too heavy so delta is charging him $100 and i'll lose custody if he doesn't fly back to chicago by tonight is there anyone anyone that can help me please i'll give you my address and i swear i'll reimburse a train police officer says to him please sir you can't do that here and he apologizes profusely our train rumbles onward to a sunny san francisco m. walton guards the powell station mall entrance he is a thin tall man with blonde hair and an equally thin mustache that disappears unless you seek it he graciously allows me to enter the powell mall eagerly i do, walking through glitzy storefronts towards my station of insecure release/relief san francisco is rarely this sunny forgoing buses, i instead opt to walk taking advantage of the warming rays after arriving at caltrain at 11:05 see the same man quieted on the bart asking when the next train is leaving i learn caltrains from sf leave every hour on the hour when they're off-peak a dull twinge of regret for using the powell station mall bathroom hits me or for walking, but it dissipates: after all, it *is* a sunny day in sf from my caltrain window, raised up high i see a man crouched and rollerblading down a hill, almost as fast as this train passing right through redwood city a neon sign purports their merit climate best by government test i think about how much rent is look up new york housing costs question why rent is so high a pang of distant dread grows as i love to enjoy sunny days in the san francisco bay ↼ home