est.  24 july 1984, harlingen, texas, usa

currently residing in portland, oregon, usa

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~karlen , swole phd

~abraxas, wunderkind

~m455 , gentle canadian & sinophile

~spinecone , mermaid goddess & brilliant coder

~archangelic , empathy qween & fat babe

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Galván in Portland

"or, a semi-mystical quarterly account
of the pecularities of the Great Paradise of the Far West,
its particular towns, villages, natural history, &c., &c.,
as well as the Joys, Sorrows, & Triumps found therein,

Volume XII: The Age of Anxiety

Volume XI: Gritenme, piedras del campo

Volume X: Sleep

Volume IX: De Profundis

Volume VIII: Las Sombras

Volume VII: Fake It Till You Make It

Volume VI: Pacific Wonderland

Volume V: The Eyes in The Stars

Volume IV: La Llorona

Volume III; The Past

Volume II: Saudades

Volume I: The River Necanicum


KAREN ET AL.: A PARABLE (Joe's first, terrible novel)


"Something Everyone Could Agree On" - Joe's essay on Selena Quintanilla-Pérez for The Believer


other hobbies include internet, bodybuilding (competitive), food, writing, sex, gay stuff, hot takes, etiquette, fashion, &c.

c/s 2018