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April 03, 2022 — June

Jade Harley, my
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hi i'm june. i'm sometimes known as Zanthed, ZanthedNT, Malina (only in some places), and herbcookie.

i'm a trans, homestuck, security researcher. i used to do system administration on the side. i also do some development work occasionally.

i'm a developer and moderator over at GrapheneOS

you can find me at the following places:

  • email: june@eridan.me
  • matrix: @june:grapheneos.org
  • XMPP: june@conversations.im
  • signal: +1 813-738-8413
  • fediverse: @June@hackers.town
  • discord: ask

OMEMO fingerprints:

83d058af 013f31dd 2c6e7b8e e16d14ee caff4b17 0a28eaf4 22898459 aa100765 - Dino Asahi Linux

dd47a124 0bdfdba7 04d85692 17c0310e f6af650b c77f21bd 034b7fad b278c955 - Cheogram Pixel 6 Pro

01fb4662 1f43cdeb b5b83380 9e72736d 6c6e84aa cf3b9319 4d1f716e 2555e12c - Gajim Windows 11

all my work can be usually found on my GitHub: github.com/Zanthed

tags: random, personal, info