hello i'm katie

you are probably on this page because you read an involiable truth of mine in the IRC.

presumably, you wish to tap into my well of absolute knowledge, and you hope to potentially gain some for yourself.

unfortunately, my preternatural exegesis ut totem is, lamentably, untransferrable.

i can, however, impart upon you some of my less ethereal secrets.

for example, i always make sure to take a nice, long bath before bed.

this helps me relax and get ready for a good night's sleep.

i also find that reading a few pages of a good book before bed helps me wind down.

alas, it is impossible per natura to glean a consummate erudition from another.

you must, therefore, take the arduous journey to attain venerous wisdom on your own.

non obstante hoc, if you have made it this far, i will share some sagacious words with you:

“the man who invented the automobile is a very rich man indeed”

allow this adage to become an edifying lodestar in your pursuits.

farewell, and may your exalted sojourn be a prosperous one.