The future belonged to the proles. And could he be sure that when their time came the world they constructed would not be just as alien to him, Winston Smith, as the world of the Party? Yes, because at the least it would be a world of sanity. Where there is equality there can be sanity. Sooner or later it would happen, strength would change into consciousness. The proles were immortal, you could not doubt it when you looked at that valiant figure in the yard. In the end their awakening would come. And until that happened, though it might be a thousand years, they would stay alive against all the odds, like birds, passing on from body to body the vitality which the Party did not share and could not kill.

1984 by George Orwell
Inspired by the work of Austin Kleon and Emilio Isgr, Blackout is an experiment in subtractive composition, as well as an invitation to think about speech, meaning, and censorship. To see what others have made, check out the gallery.