14 september 2022

For breakfast, I had two Clif Bars and some falafel. For lunch, I had a southwest wrap.

I left work early today. I needed to go to a dentist appointment. They did a teeth cleaning and a filling. The dentist's assistant was a nice old German lady. The dental hygienist stressed that I need to be flossing. It is hard to floss. I end up drooling all over myself while trying to get my back teeth. They recommended a water flosser.

For dinner, I had Eat Gud Vegan'nitas Bowl with a cucumber avocado salad. I seasoned the salad with za'atar.

In Vegetarian Furries on Telegram, I recommended Dr. McDougall's Tunisian Sweet Potato Stew.

12 september 2022

I'm not sure how to use town feels on here. I hope this gets posted as HTML already. I don't know what all these options like rainbows mean. Let's hope this works...

I did it! I just had to enable the 'publish' setting. It's all online! Now, I just need to link to it from my homepage. Done! Now, what else... I'm so glad I'm off work! I'm unbelievably tired. I cannot wait to eat dinner and go to bed. That's how tired I am! But I'm glad I was able to access my server at work today; it felt good to chat with my friends on IRC. I guess now I'm going to get off here and check out other people's feels. Ta-ta!