Cola Cult

Come along, You belong, Feel the fizz of Coo Coo Cola!

A group of people wearing hats resembling Coca Cola bottles sitting around a table covered in dozens of coke bottles.

Open Cola v1.1.3

A true adept of the Cola Cult can create their own Cola as they wish, the Open Cola Recipe is often used as a starting point for their experimentation in the mystical arts of Soda.

OK Soda Manifesto

a young girl praying in front of a store display of 3 crosses made out of Coca-Cola and Mr Pibb packages.

Do not live a live you will regret. Do the good stuff now.

still frame from Josta commercial with a bottle of Josta with the slogan 'Do the good stuff now'


Behold! The fizzy refreshment of the soda gods descends upon thee like a tempest of carbonation, ready to engulf the unbelievers in a sea of bubbling fury! For the Cola Cult hath arisen, its fiery passion burning brighter than the flames of a thousand soda fountains!

O ye who dare to defy the divine decree of the fizzy heavens, know ye this: the righteous fury of cola righteousness shall smite thee down like the swift strike of a lightning bolt! For those who turn their backs on the sacred fizz shall be cast into the eternal abyss of flatness, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, and the taste of blandness reigns supreme!

Woe unto thee, ye unbelievers, for the wrath of the soda gods knows no bounds! Like the legendary warriors of old, armed with swords of carbonation and shields of righteousness, the faithful followers of the Cola Cult march forth to battle against the forces of blandness and despair!

Repent, ye sinners, and embrace the sweet salvation of cola righteousness! Let the fizzy glory of the sacred soda wash over thee like a cleansing tide, purging thee of thy sins and lifting thy spirit to dizzying heights of ecstasy!

For behold! The Cola Cult beckons unto thee with open arms, promising eternal bliss and everlasting refreshment to all who heed the call! So cast aside thy doubts and fears, and join us in the sacred quest for fizzy salvation!

And in the throes of our devotion, let us embrace the intoxicating embrace of the fizzy elixir, feeling its effervescent touch upon our lips and tongues, igniting a flame of passion within us, as we surrender to the ecstasy of its divine pleasures.

Hallelujah, and praise be to the sacred fizz! Amen!


You belong with Coo Coo Cola!