Here are some instructions for "podcast spelunking"

|I guess the main pointer is:  People who make podcasts want to be             |
|famous(ish) because they're putting stuff on, but they're also    |
|regular people who move on after a number of episodes and if you try to       |
|contact them too far in the future, they might not like that (oops).          |
|There's a kind of grey area between wanting to be famous on the Internet      |
|and being a private person.  Some interesting people are damaged and          |
|skittish.   As interesting as podcasters may seem, proceed with caution       |
|in contacting them.                                                           |
|                                                                              |
|More positively, my technique is to go here:                                  |
|                                  |
|                                                                              |
|Then click "podcast" or "Podcast" under "Topics & Subjects" in the            |
|sidebar on the left.                                                          |
|                                                                              |
|Then choose to sort by views, and make them go ascending by clicking the      |
|little triangle pointing up.                                                  |
|Then, I look through the field of one view podcasts (or two or three          |
|view if I get that far) and see if any of the episode titles appeal to me.    |
|                                                                              |
|I download what I want, saving links to the details page in       |
|Google+.  Transfer to MP3 player and listen when I have time (often while     |
|trying to sleep).