welcome to my ~~~~~~~~ homepage

Hi I am a disassociated entity on the internet

You should play the games I make at laaph.itch.io

If you have an android or ios device, also go play this game.

Update! It is no longer available. Some people report finding it on warez sites. If you find me in person I will give a you a sticker but I won't try to build the game for your phone.

I am starting a "listen to music" project! So far I have listened to


This song is awesome and reminds me of my young days when I loved punk. Don't be fooled - I was - there are several other songs on bandcamp by this artist, but that page only shows one song. The others are well worth listening too as well.

I have also listened to


I listened to every song on that list. The one that stood out to me was "The Lucky Ones Remix" (am I weird? others would like other music on that list). Most of the music seems like it will be very nice ambient, or background video game music. The most "songish" song by indigochill is "Wish", for those who like music to sound like normal music.

I have also listened to some glockenspiel music. It sounds like it was recorded on a cell phone, and I suspect it was. It's fun to listen to, and the story behind it is fun too (recorded while waiting for the bus!). However, as I previously made notes about what people who like "normal" music would like, I can't recommend this to such people. (I use my wife as a reference for such people, in case you are wondering how I define "normal" music.)

But I am not such people, and I recommend you listen to all of it anyway. 😊 🎶

If you want me to listen to your music, send me a message on the tilde.town messaging system, or post in the BBJ bulletin board on tildetown where I started a thread.

Like the mobile game mentioned above, I seem to have abandoned listening to everyone's music. You can still attempt to contact me but you'll have better luck on mastodon than you would here. But I will listen to your music! And maybe leave a review here.

I keep thinking to write an essay about my thoughts on the 2024 Eurovision song contest, I haven't, I probably won't, but I'll just say I feel they failed to unite anyone through music this year.

There is another thought that is wandering around my head that wants an essay but I forget it at the moment. No essay for you.

Bonus note: Are you a game developer? Do wish to be part of a secret game developer club? If this interests you, go read this and if you are still interested, follow the instructions there.

Some day I will make this a fancier web site. That day is not today. Some day I will keep this file in source control, I don't have any edit tracking going on for this file.

Last updated 2024-Jun-03. Previous update was 2020-Nov-01 so maybe I should update this more often.