welcome to my ~~~~~~~~ homepage

"At next season's internship, you'll have some exciting opportunities to do real, high-energy science - primarily towards understanding just why and how exceeding the speed of sound in a Honda Civic is a bad idea, but also, to judge from the preliminary testing, a lot of cutting-edge theoretical work on when exactly it's no longer appropriate nor correct to refer to a former car as a 'car'."

Hi, I'm lkosov. There are many mediocre homepages in the world, indeed even in the tildeverse. This one is mine.

I also have a Gopher site. I'm not really sure why. It's right here, if you're using a thing that speaks Gopher. The content there is different than what's here.

Quick reference for slide rules, particularly conversion, is here. No really.

Tmux copy-paste (for the default emacs-style control scheme), because I can never remember this:

(other helpful tmux stuff aqui)

Control-b [ starts buffer mode

You navigate to one end of the text you want with arrow keys

Hit control-space to start selecting

Move to the end of what you want to copy

Hit alt-w to stop selecting

Paste as desired with control-b [, or

Switch to a terminal in tmux and type 'tmux save-buffer filename



I much prefer vi to emacs, but I already got used to the default tmux configuration... and it's not like I'm that much of a power user that I have to do the more esoteric stuff all that often, anyway.

Why vi? Force of habit over the years. The same reason I habitually connect to machines with "ssh -2 user@host", and administer linux boxes with bash scripts, rather than ansible or docker or whatever. It works, it's force of habit, and since it works, I can't be bothered to make the effort to learn another way.

Rambling thoughts on the thing about video games, because sure, why not?

"Every day during lunch Ramona sat at a bench in the foyer of the mall, eating her bologna sandwich and hoping that would be the day a flash mob performed. None ever appeared, but she did get in a lot of quality-people watching over the years--and one day, much to her surprise, a spot of extraterrestrial-watching, as well..."

Want a new card game to play? Or, want a somewhat unusual card game to try to write a program to let people play? May I introduce you to the game of Brusquembille?