welcome to my ~~~~~~~~ homepage

"At next season's internship, you'll have some exciting opportunities to do real, high-energy science - primarily towards understanding just why and how exceeding the speed of sound in a Honda Civic is a bad idea, but also, to judge from the preliminary testing, a lot of cutting-edge theoretical work on when exactly it's no longer appropriate nor correct to refer to a former car as a 'car'."

Hi, I'm lkosov. There are many mediocre homepages in the world, indeed even in the tildeverse. This one is mine.

I also have a Gopher site. I'm not really sure why. It's right here, if you're using a thing that speaks Gopher. The content there is different than what's here.

If you're not on tilde.town and wish to contact me, I can be reached via netmail as lkosov on FSXnet (21:1/126) or, possibly, Leo Kosov on Fidonet (1:317/2)

Yes, Fidonet's still around. Not familiar with it? Want to try it out? I've got a page on Fidonet and the modern painless way to access it.

Quick reference for slide rules, particularly conversion, is here. No really.

Tmux copy-paste (for the default emacs-style control scheme), because I can never remember this:

(other helpful tmux stuff aqui)

Control-b [ starts buffer mode

You navigate to one end of the text you want with arrow keys

Hit control-space to start selecting

Move to the end of what you want to copy

Hit alt-w to stop selecting

Paste as desired with control-b [, or

Switch to a terminal in tmux and type 'tmux save-buffer filename



I much prefer vi to emacs, but I already got used to the default tmux configuration... and it's not like I'm that much of a power user that I have to do the more esoteric stuff all that often, anyway.

Why vi? Force of habit over the years. The same reason I habitually connect to machines with "ssh -2 user@host", and administer linux boxes with bash scripts, rather than ansible or docker or whatever. It works, it's force of habit, and since it works, I can't be bothered to make the effort to learn another way.

Rambling thoughts on the thing about video games, because sure, why not?

"Every day during lunch Ramona sat at a bench in the foyer of the mall, eating her bologna sandwich and hoping that would be the day a flash mob performed. None ever appeared, but she did get in a lot of quality-people watching over the years--and one day, much to her surprise, a spot of extraterrestrial-watching, as well..."

Want a new card game to play? Or, want a somewhat unusual card game to try to write a program to let people play? May I introduce you to the game of Brusquembille?

How about a 250-year-old traveling game too obscure for Wikipedia that you can play in the car today? Meet Travelling Piquet.

You probably don't want to read my thoughts about Bioshock Infinite. But you can.

Some brief thoughts on the seemingly-inevitable "scientific" proof that Americans are becoming more racist than in days of yore.