collective statement

manifesto: what is art

One question we can ask is: What is ART?!

ART is fun! ART is something we do to connect to each other in a false world! ART communicates emotion the same way a newspaper communicates facts!

ART is collaboration! It takes two to tango, it takes many to ART! When I look at you you look back at me: a look is passed between us! Is it romance?! is it hatred?! is it knowledge of our mutual mortality?! It is ART!

ART is only ART when it’s in all caps! ART is earnest, it’s the old college try to speak to you! Can you hear me?! I’m yelling ART!

ART is for everyone! ART is the truthful expression of a sincerely felt emotion! If the message is obfuscated or lying to you, it’s not ART! If a newspaper told false facts, it’s a tabloid! If ART tells false emotions, it’s paranoid!

This does not mean: ART is true! In order to convey a truth we must tell lies! ART = Artifice! = Architecture! = the Arctic Ocean! It’s a hard thing sometimes! Life is hard!

The world is always ending!

What does this mean for L!O!O!S!E!!P!O!O!P!S!?! We are ART! We run it out of our mouths and faces and yes, rectums! We breath shit eat live ART! Endless creative! Every end is a new beginning! The world ends forever and begins again! A phoenix! A pooping back and forth forever! ART! LOOSE POOPS!

LOOSE POOPS are currently a community of artists based in Flagstaff, AZ. We refuse to be containerized or genre-made. If you build us, we will run far away and hide under a stone. There are three main rules to live in a LOOSE POOPS world:

  1. Ideas = cheap.
  2. Revise once.
  3. Publish everything.

This site is hosted on github. Join us by email or by submitting a pull request .

LOOSE POOPS is an equal opportunity employer.

manifesto: intellectual property

Intellectual property has no place in the digital world. Give up your brain to the ur-conciousness. There is no "I" in the Internet. There is only "US": the USernet.

Creative Commons License This work by LOOSE POOPS is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License .

writing & editing

Glossary of terms

Fuck it, we'll do it live!

is LOOSE POOPS' motto: it means that we write first, think later; it means to follow your creative heart where it leads and see whether you find monsters at the end of the tunnel, or angels. It means that LOOSE POOPS is a space to explore the once-over, the live part of art, the drive to endlessly create and only create, to not think about what ART could be, but only what it is. Is this making sense yet? Do you understand us? Can you hear the oceanic creativity pawing at conciousness like a breaker? Are you there, God? It's us, LOOSE POOPS.

Ideas = cheap

is Tenet 1 of the Philosophy: if everything we do is live, if we do not revise we must take the position that ideas mean nothing. They are the bait; we must catch the fish. They are the seed; we must water the tree. They are the sigh; we must end the crying. Ideas mean nothing of themselves. It's what we do with them that counts.

It follows from the above that LOOSE POOPS is not modernism. Modernism is nothing but ideas put on pedestals. Fuck pedestals. Ride bikes.

For real though, guys. This is why we at LOOSE POOPS say, Ideas = cheap.. It doesn't matter if it's art or business or science or cooking or anything else. NOBODY IS GOING TO STEAL YOUR IDEA. So make.