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i'm a French male human and i'm struggling with real life, like any other young adult. i work as a web developer.

this place is mostly intended to share some stuff with the nice tildeverse community, related to its interests, or just to benefit from a little bit more anonymity than your usual social medium.

have a look at the contact page if you want to find the rest of my online presence or get in touch with me.

Version: 3.1
GCS d? s: a-- C++$ UL++$ P+ L++$ !E- W+++$ N+ o? K--? w++@ O
!M !V PS+ PE- Y+ PGP++ !t 5? X !R tv b+>++ DI !D G e++ h+ !r z?

*---OTAKU CODE V3.0---*
s+++ fs+++ ds++ fp++ ml+ m++ j! o a mc- cd* con+ cos- fic++ art+ va
h++ r/c++ dr+ sf+ fgt- shj++ shn---
*---OTAKU CODE V3.0---*



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my buttons

i made some logos from those good ol' Netscape Now! buttons for ~town. i'm releasing them under WTFPL.

Base picture for creating more! Tilde Town logo Tilde Town pink logo Animated Tilde Town logo Alternate animation

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