about me

I'm a French male human and I'm struggling with real life, like any other young adult.

I'm studying to be a web developer. In the meantime, I am realizing that I have social anxiety, ADD, et al., while trying to look normal in front of family and friends and hide almost everything from them.

I have a blog where I post normal stuff written in French, with the help of a friend or two. I already talked about my personal problems on it, but I don't feel safe writing everything on it, and I'll treat this as a safe place for all my thoughts.

bits of text

I made some logos from those good ol' Netscape Now! buttons for Tilde Town. I'm releasing them under WTFPL.

Base picture for creating more! Tilde Town logo Tilde Town pink logo
Animated Tilde Town logo Alternate animation

Here's my cute little plant!

   /              \
  |                |
  |                |
  |     R.I.P.     |
  |                |
  |                |
  |                |
. |, _\/ .. \. \ /,|_ .
  ^      '        `    '


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