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Dec 8 2014: I Have a Guest Book Now!


As you can probably see, there's a little guestbook box on the left there. everything is stored in a text file and is loaded in using javascript. I even made a little program in c++ that allows you to easily sign this little guy. Just run the executable called "GuestBook" in my home directory. It'll ask for a tilde name (please put a tilde next to it because it gets turned into a link to your page) and a comment to post.

Dec 7 2014: Fixed The Rainbow Text on Firefox


Apparently, firefox doesn't support webkit so I had to add a Javascript file to get it working. But at least it works

In other news:
I'm leaving on family vacation on Tuesday to Disney so I won't be able to post at all, but I should be back sometime next week. Probably no updates leading up to Tuesday either because I'll be busy doing other things.

Talk to everyone in a week!

It actually works this time. I promise.
Every time I use it I have to create a new id to use but that's fine.

Dec 7 2014: First Posts Are Overrated


So here we are, on and learning some html and css. This page is using rainbow.js for some code syntax highlighting, like so:

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
  printf("hello, world!\n");
It's pretty neat if you ask me!

I can also do Rainbow Text because why not?

Everything here is written by hand (except rainbow.js of course) because I really wanted to learn html and css and this tilde thing seems like a good way to do so.

Created by Lumaio using rainbow.js and my own html/css