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Hey all, school's been crazy and I needed a mini break, or maybe I just need to procrastinate a bit? Either way, I needed to write something to blow some steam off. I just uploaded some of my old blogs from other websites that I used to blog on onto here! You can find them in my Chinese section of my blogs page as well as one or two Hindi posts :)


I guess I should introduce myself!

I'm in my last year of university and I'm majoring in Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies and I've been enjoying it very much. The majority of classes that I've been taking have consisted of subjects related to second, language acquisition. Because of this, you've probably guessed that I have interest in learning another language--which is true! I've been learning Chinese for a little over three and a half years and I plan on posting in Chinese (or other languages that I am learning) right here, on my part of the internet. I guess I'm doing this so I can practice using the language. Although, this may not be as effective as spoken practice, but at least this allows me to not only see my progress as I learn but also as a great place to keep in touch with my hobbies.

My other interests include music-writing and fooling around with *nix systems, so you may see things that are related to those subjects here.

Although I'm still learning about a lot of the fundamentals of anything unix-related and don't really know enough to argue any points, I'm really fond of the idea of free software. I think it's really helpful for people who might not have the money to buy operating systems, software or a new computer. Another factor is the environmental issue of electronic garbage--using an operating system/software that can run on old computers/refurbished computers is probably more environmentally friendly than going out and buying a new computer. I like the idea of focusing on improving code rather than making faster/more powerful computers, but then again, there are also many positive sides to having powerful computers in the world, so I don't really stand strictly on either side of this argument as I don't know all the facts--it's just an interest thing. Even though I don't really know anything more than the basics of coding I would love to make my own OS someday, but right now I am focused on finding a job haha.

I think one of the main reasons that I joined this server is because I've got hobbies, I like talking about them and introducing them to other people who are interested. The other reason? I guess it's because I like the idea of not having any complex law-related things to worry about when socializing on the internet. Although, most of my friends (or all?) use popular social media/networking sites, it would be cool if people would give non-monetized sites, such as this one, a try.

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