Hey there!

I like programming in Racket and Fennel, decentralized and peer-to-peer social networks, and personal webpages. I dream about being knowledgable in cryptography and encryption, and a connected digital world of home-made, community-maintained software.


Right now, I'm learning a bit about cryptography by going through the Cryptopals challenges. It's super fun! ...even if I suck at math, haha.


I'm on Mastodon and Freenode.net's IRC network under the handle m455. My homepage is m455.casa, and you can find my code here.


I'm interested in digital ethics and privacy, because I am bothered by some people's judgements and perceptions. If you want to learn more about digital ethics and privacy, here are some links for you:

If you are interested in decentralized social networks or protocols, here are some that I enjoy:

Note: Joining a decentralized social network is a lot like picking an email provider. I am saying this in case you get confused when prompted with a list of URLs/links/servers to choose from.

Choosing one of the servers to join is the same concept as chosing an email provider, such as Protonmail, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Just like a decentralized social network, email also uses mutual protocols to interact with each other, yet they are on different servers.

also, here are some faces.