Tilde Art Exchange

a next generation digital art market powered by CSV, the eco friendly alternative to NFTs

Attention: A security audit performed on 1/15/21 has revealed several vulnerabilities in Tilde Art Exchange. A patched version is underway. Thank you to login, Kitty, and josh for contributing.

How to use

For tilde town members: enter the following into the command line:


For users of other tildes, you can install the script on your server. It's just a bash script and some text files. It's MIT licensed. Here are the files.


Frequently asked questions

Q: How are CSVs different from NFTs?

A: NFTs are non fungible, whereas CSVs are delimited.

Q: What exactly am I buying?

A: We do not own the actual items listed. We trade digital tokens that represent priceless works of art and rare collectibles.

Q: So I can't actually own the Mona Lisa?

A: No but you can own some ones and zeros that represent the Mona Lisa.

Q: Is this secure?

A: The integrity of our CSV data is maintained through a sophisticated STO secrecy mechanism, ensuring that items can not be transferred without their owner's approval, so long as the mechanism remains obscure.

Q: How can I trade tokens with Tilde Art Exchange?

A: Run the script and choose "View offerings" to list items for sale, their price, and their owner. From there, you must contact the owner (maybe email them?) to negotiate a transfer. If the owner of the item accepts your offer and recieves payment, they must run the script and transfer the item to you.

Q: What currencies do you accept?

A: Items traded through our service can be paid for in poems, jokes, or compliments. We do not accept money.

Q: What do you think about NFTs?

A: They're a terrible idea. Don't waste your money.


Tilde Art Exchange is not responsible for items not received, failed transactions, or faulty goods. We do not guarantee the integrity of ownership and pricing data. When you pay for an item through Tilde Art Exchange, you are not actually buying anything. This is a video game, made for fun.

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