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Sun Jan 10 13:18:14 UTC 2021

    the internet seems rather filled with right wingers and their sidekicks bemoaning
    the death of free speech online. as if FB/Twitt/etc and any of the other private 
    companies that have brought these jackasses online ever gave two shits about anything 
    related to a common good. if they want that, they can call for the state to take over
    these things and call them a utility, and that might be a good idea. 
    but unless your running the servers and paying the bills, you can get it taken away, 
    even then, it's just barely 'yours'. 
    what is so infuriating, besides the rightwing decrying the acts of private companies
    to do whatever they please, is this whole 'the internet' == 'fb/twitt/apple/google', 
    it doesn't. and it shouldn't, not in reality, or in anyones head. this is the disgusting
    sickly internet, the walled garden we were warned of, the silos. i remember when people 
    thought 'internet explorer' == 'internet', and it was bad enough, this is all 100000x worse. 
    a friend back then said we should have something akin to a drivers license in order to get 
    online, a basic amount of tech literacy, and then you can join the internet. 
    it was kind've a joke i thought. can't help but think now he was really onto something
    that would have spared us all a lot of bullshit. 

    neckbeard deathcamp

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