Tildir makes tildes.

So I expanded my tildir script. In keeping with the communal clubby feel of tilde servers, I separated the functionality from the configuration so it could, in theory, be put on the server somewhere and run by anyone on that server. To customize the output, you add a config file in your public_html directory. Mine looks like this:

page_title: ~mirando
style_file: css/base.css
dir_to_read: src
file_to_write: index.html

The script is nowhere near done yet but feel free to give it a gander.

It seems a little pointless to publish a tilde-making script on a tilde server because, if you're on a tilde, then you probably made your own tilde-making script. Because it seems like making tilde-making scripts is part of the fun of being on a tilde. But maybe another part of the fun is comparing your tilde-maker to others. So if you made your own, I want to see it. Show me your tilde!


Do you ever have one of those dreams where some of your friends are zombies but they're made of food and it's your job to break them with a hammer?

Lamest blizzard ever.

So we're building a site for a client who's turning out to be pretty surly. They've basically hijacked the project. We designed it sixteen times before they just designed it themselves and told us to build their mocks. That was the state of our relations when the project was handed to me. I wrote a long email explaining how a few small changes could improve their navigation and information architecture and then I left the office.

Weather reports made it seem like a freak blast of the Arctic would destroy Portland today. Schools were closed. City buses ground down Burnside with chains around their tires. I couldn't get ramen from the food cart two blocks from our building. My dad texted me before I was even awake telling me to be careful and to wear my snow boots. So I drove a Car2Go to work.

And then I walked home because it never snowed. Lamest blizzard ever. A musician I like will be releasing a new album next week so I listened to the two advance singles he's released from that. I slipped a few times walking over the Burnside Bridge but I didn't fall. Back on the west side I stopped by the Dr Martens store for some brown laces to replace the black laces in my black boots and then I stopped by Hot Lips for two slices of pizza.

At home the first thing I did after setting my pizza on the table was pour myself a glass of whiskey. I set it on the table next to my pizza and then I set down my bag and took off my jackets and snow boots. I put on a compilation of music called I Love the 70's (1770s and 1870s). The pizza was a little cold by still delicious.

I found his number in the notebook in the kitchen. She was in the shower when I got it off her phone four months ago and she never knew I got it. I peed, drank an entire bottle of water and half the cup of whiskey and then called my girlfriend's dad and asked if it's cool with him that I propose to her. He said it's cool with him.

After we hung up I started looking for a ring.


Do you ever have one of those dreams where some of your friends are bastards, some you're married to, and some want a sex change? And also there's no toilet paper.

I wrote a thing.

So I read a few tildes before deciding to join tilde.town and discovered that the first rule of tildes is you must talk about tildes.

I'm going to break that rule a little and talk about a thing I wrote for tildes. It's a tool/system for writing and updating your tilde and it's called tildir because I'm very creative.

Here's how it works. You save your posts in yaml files in a directory under your public_html/. The tildir script will run through the yaml files in that directory, grab all the content, order the posts chronologically, run the body of each through markdown, and then collect them all in your index.html.

So I'm keeping my posts in public_html/src/, which currently holds two yaml files. I run

$ ruby tildir.rb src

And the result is the file you're reading now. So then you just scp or git push it to your tilde and you're done.

I'll post the script soon.

I'm new here, too.

But I won't be for long.