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SSB Log Entry 675

Pigeon Protocol Daily Update, May 20th

Note to folks just tuning in: I do daily updates related to #pigeon-protocol - a project with similar goals to SSB.


Everything is still a work in progress with regards to enforcing canonical ordering of header fields.

I have 7 failing tests currently. My progress will be a bit slower than usual because I am currently enrolled in a MOOC, so that cuts into my daily intellectual exploration time.

Yesterday I had a very good discussion with @cel-desktop, @Christian Bundy and @kas about the merits of .ed25519 / .sha256 suffixes. I am still unsure if it is worth it to keep them or not 🤔


  • Continue enforcing canonical ordering of headers.
  • Change @, %, & to FEED., TEXT., FILE., respectively.
  • Finish writing documentation, except this time, don't find huge bugs that require me make huge changes 😅