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SSB Log Entry 962

Pigeon Protocol Daily Update, August 11th 2020

Note to folks just tuning in: I do daily-ish updates related to #pigeon-protocol - a sneakernet-focused project with similar goals to SSB.


:wave: Hey! I'm back. It's been about a month since I did any real updates to #pigeon-protocol, but I am happy to announce that I am once again working on the project (work/life got hectic).

As mentioned before my hiatus, my big focus is to re-write the Ruby prototype and create an official Go CLI binary.

This will:

  • Allow me to fix mistakes I made while brainstorming initial ideas (remove legacy issues)
  • Create a static binary that will allow people to easily try things out (Ruby is not easy for most people to install)

I'm still new to Go and my progress is much slower than if I wrote it in JS/Ruby/etc.. Overall I am very pleased with Go. It's boring (in a good way) and comes with "batteries included".


  • Implement identity create, identity show and all the other things that a proper Pigeon client needs.