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SSB Log Entry 736

Pigeon Protocol Daily Update, June 2nd 2020

Note to folks just tuning in: I do daily updates related to #pigeon-protocol - a project with similar goals to SSB.

In Progress

  • Change @, %, & to FEED., TEXT., FILE., respectively.
  • Make ED25519 and SHA256 the default and only option for hashing and signing. Deprecate "footers" like .sig.ed25519, .sha256.


  • Go back to writing documentation
  • After the Ruby codebase stabilizes maybe write an implementation in Go that will essentially just be a copy/paste job on the Ruby version. Ruby was great for trying out ideas, but it is not very portable and I've had trouble sharing Ruby code with non-Rubyists in the past. More people would be able to try stuff out if static binaries are available and Go will make that easy while not getting me too bogged down in things like memory management or learning what a borrow checker is.