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SSB Log Entry 1052

Pigeon Protocol Update, September 30th 2020

Note to folks just tuning in: I do weekly-ish updates related to #pigeon-protocol - a sneakernet-focused project with similar goals to SSB.


I am continuing work towards a Golang Pigeon client that will replace the (hard to install) Ruby version with a cross-platform single file executable.

The following commands are done:

pigeon help pigeon version pigeon identity show pigeon identity create pigeon blob add $path pigeon peer untrack $peer (unfollow + unblock in one command) pigeon peer block $peer pigeon peer follow $peer pigeon peers list

Still stumbling with Golang, though less so. Special thanks to Cryptix for getting me unstuck with some SQL transaction issues earlier this week.


blob find bundle create bundle ingest draft create draft publish draft show draft update message find message show

Help Wanted

I tried Windows builds this week and I think it works. If you are a Windows user and can pull down the repo and try building / running pigeon.exe locally, it would be much appreciated.


I need to get serious about making a bundle format (described in protocol spec) that is efficient. I'd like to start using the lipmaa property in messages. I'd also like to have a bundling mechanism that does more than move files into a pile for peers to consume.