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SSB Log Entry 794

Pigeon Protocol Daily Update, June 15th 2020

Note to folks just tuning in: I do semi-daily updates related to #pigeon-protocol - a sneakernet-focused project with similar goals to SSB.


  • I finished the tutorial.md for the Ruby-based client. I'm probably not going to do anything new with that repo unless someone reports an issue (it's in maintenance mode, essentially).
  • I started updating the README.md file for the official protocol spec. I have a lot of work to do. All of the discussions we've had on SSB about the protocol's design have led to positive changes, but the changes were so big that all of the documentation is out of date. Once I update the deprecated stuff, I will start soliciting public feedback.

Help Wanted

If you are a software developer (even a non-Rubyist)- could you take a look at the Ruby client tutorial and let me know what you think of the API?


Now that the message format has been adequately tidied, I really need to focus on the sharable parts of the project.

  • Finish all documentation.
  • Get feedback on said documentation.
  • Write an implementation in Go that will serve as the "most official implementation" (currrent proof-of-concept is written in Ruby).